Weekend Writing Warriors: Snippet 75- Anton

weekend writing warriorsIt’s time for Weekend Writing Warriors! Every Sunday, a bunch of writers post 8-10-sentence snippets from their WIPs on their blogs. There’s a lot of reading, commenting and great writing. Click on the link to see the full list.

King Arryk has finally rallied all of Kendryk’s allies and is ready to attack the forces besieging Princess Gwynneth in her castle. Anton is there with Arian Orland’s army, and just caught a lucky break. He’s been working with horse’s and it turns out Orland’s new page doesn’t know how to handle them. She doesn’t know much of anything in fact, so Anton is explaining to her that one of a page’s duties is keeping Orland’s pistols loaded.

She gulped. “Do I have to bring them to him during the battle?”

Anton stared at her. “That’s what pages are for.”

“But I’ll be scared.”

“I expect so. Most everyone will be scared, except for me.”

“You’ve been in a lot of battles?” she asked as Anton picked out a sword, a battle axe, two sabers, an arquebus and two pistols.

“A few,” he said. “Though this is the biggest so far.”

Previous snippets are here.

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51 comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Snippet 75- Anton
  1. Great idea. I live in London though. Do you have any contributors that live in the uk?

    • Christina says:

      I don’t think it matters, as long as you’re able to sign up on the site. We all seem to check in at different times throughout the day on Sunday. Would love it if you joined us!

  2. Why did this snippet make me giggle? 🙂 The image of him picking up all of those weapons, and then very calmly answering her— was outstanding!

  3. Ed Hoornaert says:

    The night before her first battle must be very nerve wracking. Sometimes the waiting and imagining is worse that the real thing.

  4. This made me LOL! I love Anton’s attitude, though I think Orland may need to pick a new page; sounds like this one’s gonna head for the hills the minute the fighting starts.

  5. Author Jessica E. Subject says:

    I think I would be a little scared, too, especially with this being the first battle for the page. Nice tease! 🙂

  6. Victoria Adams says:

    Love his attitude – calmly getting ready for battle.

  7. T. M. Hunter says:

    Nothing like a bit of fear to keep you focused, I’d say. Fun little snippet, and hopefully the page doesn’t end up fleeing the battle at a most inopportune moment.

  8. Sounds like if that new page does take off, Anton will be there to step in. I love these little moments between your characters. Can’t wait to see what actually happens in that battle!

    By the way, I’m about 25% into Rise of the Storm and it’s a great read. I particularly like fantasy stories that have religious conflicts so this is right up my alley 🙂


    • Christina says:

      Oh good- so glad you’re enjoying. I really struggled to get the story off the ground until I added the religious aspect; it provides to many opportunities for both external and internal conflict.

  9. I’m thinking she may not be cut out for a page’s life… ;D Great snippet, Christina!

  10. I’m not sure I would want a page like her loading my weapons during a battle. She doesn’t sound like the ideal page for that scenario!

  11. bonniegill says:

    I love all the weapons. I’m with the page, battles are scary.

  12. Daryl Devore says:

    Hmmm – I’m wondering if Anton will be teaching the page a lot more than page duties.

  13. Turn the page, I say! What a wimp. We need strength and fearlessness. That said, she’s a goner unless you have a plan and I bet yu do, you rascal you.

  14. Cara Bristol says:

    Doesn’t sound like she’s quite up to the task of being a page…a perfect setup!

  15. Alexis Duran says:

    Love Anton. “Everyone will be scared, except for me.” I really enjoyed his perspective and attitude all through Rise of The Storm.

  16. Jenna Jaxon says:

    Anton is such fun! And a great foil to the page in this scene, one calmly gathering weapons, the other trembling in her shoes. Fun snippet!

  17. Anton seems so sure of himself. I love that in my heroes! Great snippet, Christina.

  18. He knows what he’s doing for sure. such a contrast to her inexperience. Great snippet!

  19. Two very different outlooks of the same upcoming event. He’s so certain and she, so apprehensive.
    I’d be scared out of my mind too. Great excerpt, Christina

  20. Great contrast! Will she brave the battle?

  21. Karen Michelle Nutt says:

    He seems might confident. I hope he’s not all talk and is as brave as he seems. Enjoyed the snippet and the insight to the characters and their attitudes toward the impending battle.

  22. historysleuth1 says:

    I’d hate to be a page! I like the dynamics between the two opposite skill levels in he characters.

  23. chellecordero says:

    I love the way (& amount) he is picking out his weapons, it’s clear how bi this is going to be. Great snippet.

  24. I’m with the page but enjoyed Anton’s confidence. Looking forward to reading more.

  25. nancygideon says:

    “Except for me…” You gotta love a self-assured man!

  26. shanjeniah says:

    I like this. It reveals Anton nicely. He’s calm in the face of danger. He accepts the page’s inexperience and fear without particularly indulging them; just lets her know in simple language that fear is pretty much part of the deal. Nicely done, and I hope they both come through alive!

  27. I love how calm and contained he is compared to her blatant fear. A battle is coming!

  28. elainecsc2013 says:

    I’d be scared! I like the contrast between his calm manner and the way he selects his weapons to go and kill the enemy.

  29. It would be a tough job, scurrying out to rearm someone. I wouldn’t want it!

  30. I love Anton, but it’s a little haunting to think consider he’s no longer as scared in battle as he used to be, especially since he’s still so young.

  31. Kim Magennis says:

    You really get the age of these two across perfectly. How they say what they say is part of it, but I can feel their age in spite of your words. Really good job, Christina. (Sorry i am so late this week!)

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