Anglestein- Arian Orland’s castle

Aquianus– Northwestern Kronland kingdom, ruled by Prince Dristan Fabrey
Arcius– southern Kronland kingdom ruled by Princess Alarys Zelenka
Arenberg– Capital city of Norovaea
Arnfels– the great fortress overlooking Atlona and site of the dungeon
Atlona-Capital city of Olvisya

Birkenhof– Kendryk’s palace
Birkenfels– castle that is the traditional seat of the Bernotas princes
Bonnenruck– capital city of Zeelund
Brandana– kingdom in norther Kronland ruled by Duchess Floreta Bensen
Briansk– Empire east of Sanova

Capo- port city in southern Olvisya
Cesiano– region of independent kingdoms south of Olvisya

Dallmaring Provinces– a portion of Tirovor ruled by the empire

Emberg Castle– seat of Duke Evard Bernotas
Engelstein– seat of the Barons of Engelstein, northern Terragand
Estenor– a kingdom west of Norovaea and north of Kronland

Floradias-southern province of Zeelund, subject of war between Zeelund and Maladena
Forli- city in southern Cesiano, seat of the Imperata Vittoriana
Fromenberg– far western Kronland kingdom ruled by Princess Keylinda Marthaler

Galladium– a kingdom west of Kronland where Kendryk spent several years as a child
Girosna- key fortress in the Zastwar marches

Helvundala– Kronland kingdom north of Terragand ruled by Prince Bronson Falk
Heidenhof-Terragand city, seat of Julia Maxima

Indium– a far eastern land
Isenwald-western kingdom in Kronland, ruled by Princess Viviane Kasbirk

Kaleva– capital city of the Kingdom of Moralta
Kaltental– Duchy in Terragand, seat of Aidan Orland
Kersenstadt– important city in southern Kronland
Kronfels– capital city of Isenwald
Kronland– a collection of 12 autonomous kingdoms loosely attached to the Olvisyan Empire

Lantura– kingdom in western Kronland, ruled by Princee Eldrid Benda
Lera– river flowing through western Kronland
Lerania– city in Brandana
Lubardol- fortress in the Zastwar marches

Maladena-Southwestern kingdom ruled by Beatriz Inferrara, Teodora’s cousin
Martiz– a western Moraltan town
Melampis– capital city of Zastwar
Marjatya– eastern kingdom traditionally ruled by Olvisya
Moralta– eastern kingdom traditionally ruled by Olvisya

Nitrany– town near the Kronek farm in Moralta
Norovaea– kingdom north of Kronland, ruled by Andres Roussay
Novuk– capital city of Sanova

Oberfeld- seat of Prince Bronson of Helvundala
Oltena– Kronland kingdom just south of Terragand, ruled by Kendryk’s aunt Galena Sebesta
Olvisya- a kingdom at the heart of the Olvisyan Empire, traditionally ruled by the Inferrara family

Palais Arden– Teodora’s palace in Atlona
Podoska- Kronland kingdom south of Terragand, ruled by Princess Edyta Martinek
Prinova Islands– contested area between Sanova and Estenor

Runewald– city in Terragand, location of Landrus temple

Sanova- Kingdom north of Moralta, east of Terragand-not part of Olvisyan Empire

Terragand– largest kingdom within Kronland, ruled by Kendryk
Tharvik– capital city of Estenor
Tirilis– a southern Kronland kingdom ruled by Prince Herryk Peloso
Trepol– a southern Moraltan city

Ummarvik-Kingdom in norther Kronland ruled by Prince Ossian Dahlby

Vastivik– Norovaean fortress

Zastwar– empire east of Marjatya that Olvisya has been fighting for decades
Zeelund– federation of independent states on the northwestern coast

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