Historical Background

The Desolate Empire is very loosely based upon the events of the Protestant Reformation and the Thirty Years War. To provide  a bit of background, I sometimes write posts about those times and some of the people involved. If you’re unfamiliar with early modern Europe, the first few posts provide a general overview.  I’ll be adding more as I highlight the research I do for subsequent books in the series.

Background and Events

The Thirty Years War- the Condensed Version
The Protestant Reformation
The Holy Roman Empire
The Peace of Augsburg
Bohemia Part 1: The War Begins
Bohemia Part 2: Battles in the Land of Beer
Bohemia Part 3: The Winter King
Why This War Was So Awful

Major Players

Real people vs.fantasy characters
Frederick and Elizabeth
Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor
Christian of Brunswick
Christian IV of Denmark
Louis XIII, King of France
Cardinal Richelieu
Gustav II Adolf, King of Sweden
Albrecht von Wallenstein
Bernhard of Weimar
Emperor Ferdinand III
Karl I Ludwig, Elector Palatine

Badass of the Month:

Winged Hussars

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