Fall of the Titan- Cast of Characters


Kendryk II Bernotas, Prince of Terragand (deceased)
Gwynneth Roussay-Bernotas, Princess Regent of Norovaea and Terragand, Kendryk’s widow
Princess Maryna Bernotas, underaged ruler of Terragand
Duke Devyn Bernotas, her younger brother and acting ruler
Andres, Stella, Renata, Kendryk and Gwynneth’s younger children
Edric Maximus, religious leader in Terragand, formerly known as Father Edric Landrus
Balduin Bernotas, Kendryk’s cousin
Ruso Faris, a general holding the fortress of Birkenfels
Aidan Orland, Duke of Kaltental-Terragand
Arian Orland, son of Aidan, mercenary general supporting Kendryk and Gwynneth (deceased)
Anton Kronek, a young officer serving Kendryk
Storm, Anton’s horse
Braeden Terris, ex-mercenary commander with the Sanova Hussars, now an ally of Lennart
Trisa Torresia, cavalry officer serving under Braeden
Kazmir, Braeden Terris’s horse
Karil Andarosz, a friend of Braeden and Anton’s, now infantry officer serving Lennart
Greta, Maryna’s companion

Edyta Martinek, Princess of Podoska
Trystan Martinek, Edyta’s youngest child, general serving Lennart
Sonya Vidmar, a mercenary general

Princess Viviane Kasbirk, ruler of Isenwald
Duke and Duchess of Lemberg, members of the court
Claudius Maximus, high cleric installed by Teodora
Gerti, a cook at an inn
Rolf and Elysa, a blacksmith and his wife
Mother Nisa, a woodland priestess


Princess Keylinda Marthaler, ruler of Fromenberg
Duke Alfryd, her heir

The Kronland Rulers

Eldrid Benda, Prince of Lantura
Floreta Bensen, Princess of Brandana
Ossian Dahlby, Prince of Ummarvik
Dristan Fabrey, Prince of Aquianus
Stepan Falk, Prince of Helvundala
Viviane Kasbirk, Princess of Isenwald
Keylinda Marthaler, Princess of Fromenberg
Edyta Martinek, Princess of Podoska
Herryk Peloso, Prince of Tirilis
Galena Sebesta, Princess of Oltena and Kendryk’s aunt
Alarys Zelenka, Princess of Arcius

Teodora Inferrara, Empress of Olvisya, Queen of Moralta and Marjatya
Archduchess Elektra, her heir
Zofya Inferrara-Brevard, Queen of Galladium, Teodora’s second daughter
Livilla Maxima, religious leader in Olvisya
Daciana Tomescu, guerilla commander and friend of Teodora (deceased)
Sibyla, Teodora’s personal doctor
Brynhild Mattila, a general working for Teodora
Jozef, her son
Franca Dura, leader of a cuirassier regiment
Magda Bartnik, a major serving under Franca
Father Alyk, a chaplain attached the Dura’s unit
Havel Kolar, captain of Teodora’s Moraltan unit
Orsino Scarpati, one of Mattila’s generals
Kyra, Elektra’s page

Gauvain Brevard, King of Galladium and childhood friend of Kendryk
Natalya Maxima, religious leader in Galladium
Joslyn, their daughter
Charlise de la Tour, Natalya’s opponent
Mother Lena, a Galladian priestess
Louise Foret, a Galladian farm woman
Clary and Henri, her daughter and son-in-law
Philipe de la Tour, Duke of Tourane,Galladian noble
His wife Monique, and son, Michel
Charel,a royal palace footman
Gaston, royal palace majordomo

Lennart Ostberg, King of Estenor
Raysa Sikora-Ostberg, Queen of Estenor
Kataryna, their daughter
Tora Isenberg, a general
Dolf Kalstrom, a general
Leyf Lofbrok, a general
Major Silberg, Elektra’s escort across Kronland (deceased)
Lars Kindberg, captain serving under Kalstrom
Broga, Lennart’s battle charger


Arryk Roussay, King of Norovaea
Aksel Roussay, Arryk’s and Gwynneth’s youngest brother, friends with Jozef Mattila

The Faith

Teodora the Holy, ancient founder of The Faith
Quadrenes, followers of the reforms of Edric Maximus
League of Aeternos, a group of clerics specially trained to counter the Quadrenes
Vica, the sister goddess
Ercos, the son god