Hammer of the Gods- Cast of Characters


Kendryk II Bernotas, Prince of Terragand
Gwynneth Roussay, Princess of Norovaea and Terragand, Kendryk’s wife.
Their children: Maryna, Devyn, Andres, Stella, Renata
Linette and Avaron,ladies-in-waiting to Gwynneth
Edric Maximus, religious leader in Terragand, formerly known as Father Edric Landrus
Merton, Captain of the guard at Birkenfels
Catrin, Gwynneth’s maid

Evard Bernotas, Duke of Terragand-Emberg, Kendryk’s uncle
His son, Balduin, a prisoner inside Birkenfels

Ruso Faris,  a general leading the remnants of Kendryk’s army.
Aidan Orland, Duke of Kaltental-Terragand
Arian Orland, son of Aidan, mercenary general supporting Kendryk and Gwynneth
Anton Kronek, Arian Orland’s page
Baron Persyn, garrison commander at Birkenfels
Cid, Arian Orland’s battle charger
Skandar, Anton’s horse


Rheda Bernotas-Falk, Dowager Princess of Helvundala, Kendryk’s aunt.
Stepan Falk, Prince of Helvundala
Toland Falk, his son and heir
Geffrey Manier, colonel of the Helvundala army


Edyta Martinek, Princess of Podoska
Karolyna Martinek, her daughter, heir and general of Podoska’s army
Trystan Martinek, Edyta’s youngest child, soldier of fortune serving Kendryk and Lennart
Lenora Martinek, one of Trystan’s sisters
Alric Sarborg, an army doctor


Ossian Dahlby, Prince of Ummarvik
Arvus Dahlby, Duke of Ummarvik

The Kronland Rulers

Eldrid Benda, Prince of Lantura
Floreta Bensen, Princess of Brandana
Ossian Dahlby, Prince of Ummarvik
Dristan Fabrey, Prince of Aquianus
Stepan Falk, Prince of Helvundala
Viviane Kasbirk, Princess of Isenwald
Keylinda Marthaler, Princess of Fromenberg
Edyta Martinek, Princess of Podoska
Herryk Peloso, Prince of Tirilis
Galena Sebesta, Princess of Oltena and Kendryk’s aunt
Alarys Zelenka, Princess of Arcius


Braeden Terris, ex-mercenary commander with the Sanova Hussars, now an outlaw
Prince Novitny, general of the Sanova Hussars
Reno Torresia, a captain in the Sanova Hussars, his wife Senta and their daughters Adela, Cara and Trisa
Franca Dura, a  lieutenant of the Sanova Hussars
Kazmir, Braeden Terris’s horse
Karil Andarosz, a former prisoner of Teodora’s, now Braeden’s traveling companion

Teodora Inferrara, Empress of Olvisya, Queen of Moralta and Marjatya
Her children: Elektra, Zofya and Rudofo
Mother Luca, Elektra’s personal priestess
Livilla Maxima, religious leader in Olvisya
Daciana Tomescu, guerilla commander and friend of Teodora
Ahbert Solteszy , Head of the Imperial Council and Teodora’s closest political adviser
Meryl Biaram, an adviser to Teodora
Elyse Rastell, lady-in-waiting to Teodora
Sibyla, Teodora’s personal doctor
Mother Hela, an instructor at Livilla’s school
Mother Dava, an army priestess

Niklas van Ensden, Teodora’s primary military commander
Brynhild Mattila, a general working for Teodora
Beatryz Inferrara, Queen of Maladena, cousin to Teodora
Alona Brynner, an infantry colonel under Ensden
Quintin Linser, an infantry major
Count Michalek, commander of an infantry regiment
Tavio Sora, a Maladene colonel serving under Ensden
Stasny, an infantryman
Susanna Stengel, a sutler in Mattila’s army


Gauvain Brevard, King of Galladium and childhood friend of Kendryk
Natalya Maxima, religious leader in Galladium
Joslyn, their daughter
Garin Dorais, captain of Kendryk’s guard
Peryn LaFontant, Gauvain’s messenger


Lennart Ostberg, King of Estenor
Raysa Sikora-Ostberg, Queen of Estenor
Ludvik Meldahl, his chief adviser
Silvya Meldahl, his daughter and lady-in-waiting to Queen Raysa
Kelsi Brun, captain of the Drekir
Tora Isenberg, a general
Dolf Kalstrom, a general
Leyf Lofbrok, a general


Arryk Roussay, King of Norovaea
Aksel Roussay, Arryk’s and Gwynneth’s youngest brother, Teodora’s hostage

The Faith

Teodora the Holy, ancient founder of The Faith
Quadrenes, followers of the reforms of Edric Maximus
League of Aeternos, a group of clerics specially trained to counter the Quadrenes
Vica, the sister goddess
Ercos, the son god