Cast of Characters

Rise of the Storm


Kendryk II Bernotas, Prince of Terragand
Gwynneth Roussay, Princess of Norovaea and Terragand, Kendryk’s wife.
Their children: Maryna, Devyn, Andres
Kendryk’s father: Edwyn V Bernotas (deceased)
Kendryk’s brother: Lukan III Bernotas (deceased)
Kendryk’s mother: Rikarda Sebesta, Duchess of Bonnenruck (deceased)

Evard Bernotas, Duke of Terragand-Emberg, Kendryk’s uncle His son, Balduin, Count of Holstein
Rheda Bernotas, Princess of Helvundala, Kendryk’s aunt. Married to Bronson Falk, Prince of Helvundala

Andres V Roussay, King of Norovaea, Gwynneth’s father
His son, Arryk Roussay, heir to the throne

Ruso Faris, Count of Bryda, chief adviser to Kendryk
Julia Maxima, religious leader of Terragand
Edric Landrus, Priest of the Runewald temple

Avaron Dancey, Countess of Winsebach- lady-in-waiting to Princess Gwynneth
Linette Trevin- Baroness of Kralfeld, a lady-in-waiting to Princess Gwynneth
Edson– a male servant at Birkenhof

Halvor– Gwynneth’s secretary
Merton– a member of Kendryk’s household guard
Etta Darstel– a doctor with Kendryk’s army
Catrin, Gwynneth’s maid

Aidan Orland, Duke of Kaltental-Terragand
Arian Orland, Count of Hornfels, son of Aidan, mercenary general
Ossian Schurtz– mercenary officer in the employ of Arian Orland

Flavia Maxima– religious leader in Isenwald
Octavius Maximus– religious leader in Helvundala

The Kronland Rulers

Eldrid Benda, Prince of Lantura
Floreta Bensen, Princess of Brandana
Ossian Dahlby, Prince of Ummarvik
Dristan Fabrey, Prince of Aquianus
Bronson Falk, Prince of Helvundala
Viviane Kasbirk, Princess of Isenwald
Keylinda Marthaler, Princess of Fromenberg
Edyta Martinek, Princess of Podoska
Herryk Peloso, Prince of Tirilis
Galena Sebesta- Princess of Oltena and Kendryk’s aunt
Alarys Zelenka, Princess of Arcius


Braeden Terris, mercenary commander with the Sanova Hussars
Vluda Novitny, Prince of Galeva, general of the Sanova Hussars
Reno Torresia– a captain in the Sanova Hussars, his wife Senta and their daughters Adela, Cara and Trisa
Miro Blavic– a lieutenant of the Sanova Hussars
Franca Dura– a Sanova Hussar
Gergo– servant to Braeden
Kazmir– Braeden Terris’s horse
Karil Andarosz– a Marjatyan hostage
Zoltan, a retired warhorse
Zluba, headwoman of Moraltan town of Martiz, her son, Jonni

Daciana Tomescu– guerilla commander and friend of Teodora
Dimir Kronek– a Kaleva merchant and rebel
Janna Beran Kronek– Dimir’s wife
Anton Kronek, son of Dimir, stepson of Janna
Anyezka Kronek, daughter of Dimir, stepdaughter of Janna
Dimir’s country relatives: Bora, Disla, Dusek, Irena and Seko
Ivor, Greta and Franz Kalina, refugees from Kaleva
Maya, inn-keeper at the Sanova crossroads
Betha– an old farm woman, her son Havil, his wife Gerda and their daughter Petra


Teodora Inferrara, Empress of Olvisya, Queen of Moralta and Marjatya
Raynard Ahrend, Count of Marsbach, Prince of Olvisya, consort to Teodora
Their children: Elektra, Zofya and Rudofo

Livilla Maxima, religious leader in Olvisya
Ahbert Solteszy , Count of Halavo, Head of the Imperial Council and Teodora’s closest political adviser
Brytta Prosnytz– secretary and lady in waiting to Teodora
Kypris Arseo– ambassador to Zastwar
Demario Barela– Maladene general working for Teodora
Niklas Ensden, Count of Herzbirg, Teodora’s primary military commander
Andor Korma– Marjatyan rebel leader
Other countries and kingdoms

Gauvain Brevard, King of Galladium and childhood friend of Kendryk
Acon Benet (deceased), theologian, Kendryk’s mentor in Galladium
Natalya Maxima, religious leader in Galladium
Beatryz Inferrara– Queen of Maladena, cousin to Teodora
Ottylia Sikora- Queen of Sanova and married to Atinos Inferrara, Teodora’s brother
Imperata Vittoriana– head of The Faith in Forli

The Holy Family

Osgan, the father god
Saira, the mother goddess
Vica, the sister goddess
Ercos, the son god

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