The Desolate Empire Series

Book One: Rise of the Storm

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rise of the storm

When a renegade priest prophesies an imminent apocalypse, a conflict is sparked which will tip a continent into war. 

Prince Kendryk is young, handsome and popular, his kingdom prosperous and peaceful. But in the face of the prophesied apocalypse, he must choose between conscience and power. If he chooses the side of the faith, he must defy the ruthless Empress Teodora, ruler of a vast empire, imperiling kingdom and family— but if he chooses the side of power, he risks plunging his world into a darkness worse than war.

The coming conflict will touch the lives of thousands, among them…

Prince Kendryk’s adored wife, Gwynneth, the proud daughter of a king, whose ambition may come at great cost…

Braeden, a violent mercenary, commander of a legendary winged army, who will find himself in the service of an employer he must defy to protect those he holds dear…

And Janna, the merchant’s wife, forced to abandon her home and her way of life, ill-prepared to keep herself and her children safe from the ravages of war…

An epic fantasy saga drawn from real history, Rise of the Storm is Book One in the compelling new Desolate Empire series.


Valley of the Shadow 50 percentBook Two: Valley of the Shadow
A captive prince. A desperate princessAn alliance that will shake the foundations of an empire.

In the wake of battle, Kendryk finds himself the prisoner of Empress Teodora. As war ravages Terragand, Kendryk’s guilt is matched only by his fear that he will never see his family again. Gwynneth, in possession of a valuable captive but sworn to keep him close, faces Teodora’s wrath as she waits in anguish for relief.

But when Gwynneth’s rescue comes, the empire will never be the same again.

A tide of religious upheaval sweeps across the land, bearing men and women toward their fates. The delicate joy shared by Janna and Braeden will be shattered; the king of a neighboring kingdom will walk the edge of madness; and an oath of vengeance will bind three unlikely allies together in a desperate attempt to curb Teodora’s ambitions once and for all.


Hammer of the Gods v4Book Three: Hammer of the Gods
A war-ravaged continent. An epic battle for power. An endless chain of betrayals . . . 

In her quest for dominance, Teodora will destroy everything in her path. 

Kendryk and Gwynneth enjoy their reunion and look to the future, laying plans to regain their home. But all their hopes rest on King Lennart’s invasion.

Determined to overthrow Teodora and everything she stands for, Lennart finds himself thwarted by an unlikely opponent as he gathers allies. While he struggles to gain the upper hand, Teodora must repay a debt which will alter her life forever.

Unmoored in his grief, Braeden risks everything in an ill-fated bid for revenge; Anton struggles to make a new life for himself while forced to fight for the enemy;  and Elektra gathers her forces, determined to be Empress someday— if she can survive long enough.


Book Four: Winter of the Wolf

When all hope is lost, who will raise the banner of light?

War grinds on, spreading its shadow over all the land. In the wake of his overwhelming victory, King Lennart marches on the Empress Teodora, helpless and undefended in her capital. Though battered, Teodora is far from defeated, setting in motion a new plot which threatens to annihilate all of Lennart’s allies.

Unaware of the peril about to overtake him, Kendryk is torn between duty to his family and to his cause. While he struggles to recover from his loss, Anton joins Kendryk in his quest, but will be sent down another, more dangerous path.

Gwynneth survived an attack by Teodora’s most unrelenting assassin, but she will soon face a test that threatens to destroy her.

Maryna, the heir to Terragand, travels to faraway lands hoping to provoke a confrontation with Teodora, but her journey takes an unexpectedly deadly turn.

Her ambitions magnified at the prospect of her mother’s downfall, Elektra must decide if she’s willing to pay the price needed to fulfill her destiny.

And even as Braeden triumphs over an enemy who has long threatened him, his next steps take him down a path that will lead to tragedy.

Faith and friendship are tested, alliances shattered, and a new generation rises in Winter of the Wolf, book four in the Desolate Empire series.


Prequel: The Forsaken Crown

Sonya, an ambitious mercenary intent on commanding her own army, vowed nothing would stand in her way. But then she ran afoul of the most powerful woman in the empire. Humiliated and condemned, she now must struggle to survive.

Kendryk has a vast kingdom to rule, though he isn’t old enough to do it on his own. But when he learns his regent,  Duke Desmond, wants to seize the throne, the stakes turn deadly.  With no one he can turn to, young Kendryk is forced to rely on an outsider.

Now their destinies have intertwined and the fate of the kingdom is at stake. Can Sonya and Kendryk overcome their pasts and mistrust to find a path to victory? Or will the forces arrayed against them triumph?


Book Five: Fall of the Titans- Coming Spring 2017

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