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The Desolate Empire Series Boxed Set Launch Sale!

It’s live! Unfortunately, I launched on a day when one of Amazon’s big servers went down, but hopefully I can make up for it. Normally, this set will cost $9.99, a $7 savings from buying the books separately. But to

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Announcing The Desolate Empire Boxed Set!

Since I’m nearing the end of Book Five: Fall of the Titans (I just keep telling myself that), it seemed like a good time to bundle up some of the earlier books in the series. So I’ve put Rise of

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Light in the Darkness: What is Noblebright Fantasy?

Anyone hanging around me on social media or in person (where you could literally hear me squeeing) might have gotten an inkling of a cool project I’m involved in. Rise of the Storm was invited into a twelve-author box set specifically

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Rise of the Storm Reviewed on Literary Braun

I can’t say enough nice things about the fabulous group of writers that comprise the Weekend Writing Warriors, and Amy Braun is one of the best of them.  Not only did she interview me on her blog a few days

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The Great Giveaway Continues, plus Interview!

I must confess that I’m blown away by the response to my 5-day free promo. I signed up for as many free promo sites as I could, then worried it was all a waste of time, since so many won’t

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Rise of the Storm is Free on Amazon!

Click here to download the free ebook.. In case you haven’t been around lately, here’s what it’s about: When a renegade priest prophesies an imminent apocalypse, a conflict is sparked which will tip a continent into war.  Prince Kendryk is

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Get Rise of the Storm in Paperback!

It seems like I’ve been waiting forever since getting the proof copy and saying yes, please! But it’s been less than a week, with a holiday in between, so I guess that’s okay. Anyway, you can get it here on

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I have proof!

I finally got my proof copy. It looks perfect and I’m happy, so it will be available on Amazon in a few days. I will of course let y’all know. by

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We have a live one!

Rise of the Storm is live on Amazon! Right now it’s just the Kindle version, though print will be available in a few days. You can also read it for free if you’re a Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime member.

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I Have Maps!

While I scramble to make my Amazon pre-order deadline (and curse my impulsiveness), my marvelous map artist stepped up and got these done for me extra quickly.  If these look suspiciously European/German, it’s because they are! With a few key

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