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The Desolate Empire Series Boxed Set Launch Sale!

It’s live! Unfortunately, I launched on a day when one of Amazon’s big servers went down, but hopefully I can make up for it. Normally, this set will cost $9.99, a $7 savings from buying the books separately. But to

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Character Profile: Elektra

Unsurprisingly, Teodora is not a very hands-on mother. For the most part, that’s a good thing; her charming personality hasn’t really rubbed off on her children. Still, having Teodora as your mommy dearest is bound to leave its mark, and

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Character Profile:Trystan

Trystan Martinek, the young Duke of Podoska, makes a brief appearance in Valley of the Shadow, but he begins to hit his stride in Hammer of the Gods. The youngest of the eleven children of Princess Edyta of Podoska, Trystan

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Hammer of the Gods Now Available in Print!

It’s here! Click here to get your print copy. Ain’t it purty?   by

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Cover Reveal: Hammer of the Gods

Coming June 1!   A war-ravaged continent. An epic battle for power. An endless chain of betrayals . . .  In her quest for dominance, Teodora will destroy everything in her path.  Kendryk and Gwynneth enjoy their reunion and look

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Are You Ready to NaNo?

If you’re a writerly type who hangs out on the internet, you’ve probably noticed that it’s almost time for NaNoWriMo. This will be my fourth year participating and I’m super-excited. I’m also in super-frantic mode right now. Before I can

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State of the Book (s)

If it looks like I’ve been AWOL from this blog (except for weekends), I have. And I have excuses! Lots of ’em, as usual. First of all, I finished my book! At least, I did a thorough copyedit and shipped

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