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Fall of the Titan Print Version is Here!

A few days late on this, but if you’re interested in getting a print copy of Fall of the Titan, it’s available now. Click on the pic to get at Amazon. by

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Launch Sale! Get Fall of the Titan for only $2.99!

It’s here! Book Five is live on Amazon, with the print version coming shortly. Normally $5.99, I’ve discounted it 50 percent through the weekend. Click here to get your copy! I’ve also got the boxed set discounted through tomorrow. Scroll

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Fall of the Titan: Chapter 9- Gwynneth

  GWYNNETH Gwynneth had joined Braeden and Devyn in the study while they waited for the outcome of Trisa’s surgery. She could tell by the look on Braeden’s face he wasn’t optimistic, but she said nothing, not wanting to upset

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Fall of the Titan: Chapter 8- Elektra

ELEKTRA Elektra hoped she knew at least a few things her mother didn’t. She told herself she wasn’t betraying any confidences. Surely most of what she was about to say was common knowledge. “Lennart doesn’t want to be emperor,” she

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Cover Reveal: Fall of the Titan

No, I don’t have a blurb yet, but couldn’t resist sharing this. I love it so much! Tentative release date is May 10-15ish with preorder happening soon. I’ll keep you posted! by

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Fall of the Titan: Chapter 7- Braeden

BRAEDEN Braeden had been enjoying the warmth of Princess Galena’s pleasant study, but jumped to his feet at the sounds of a great crowd of people entering the corridor. Once he saw who they were and that the princess had

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Fall of the Titan: Chapter 6- Teodora


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Fall of the Titan: Chapter 5- Gwynneth

GWYNNETH Gwynneth wrote so fast that her hand cramped up. But she needed to tell Lennart everything that had happened in Isenwald. He had to be prepared for Teodora moving on Terragand as well. There is no doubt in my

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Fall of the Titan Sneak Peek: Chapter 4- Trystan

Ooh, this is exciting. Introducing this book’s new POV character: Trystan! TRYSTAN After their first real conversation had gone so well, Trystan was anxious to spend more time with Natalya, working out details for his future. But she made it

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Fall of the Titan: Chapter 3- Anton

The muddy mountain roads were so slippery, Anton found himself wishing for snow. He’d hoped now that spring was near they could make better time, but the mules had to pick their way just as carefully as they had on

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