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Character Profile: Devyn

Devyn Bernotas, Duke of Terragand, is Kendryk and Gwynneth’s oldest son. Though he doesn’t get his own POV in this series, he becomes an increasingly important character, even as a young teacher. Based on Prince RupertĀ of the Rhine, Devyn has

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Character Profile: Edric

Edric Landrus has been a feature of this series since the beginning. Though he never got his own point of view- something I occasionally regret- he’s always been a key figure and one of the instigators of all the trouble.

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Character Profile: Maryna

Maryna Bernotas, Princess of Terragand, is the somewhat unlikely fictional counterpart to the grumpy Karl Ludwig. As the oldest child of Kendryk and Gwynneth, she fills the role of the heir to the disputed kingdom. She’s just a little girl

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Character Profile: Daciana

Ah, one of our favorite bad girls, who’s been with us almost from the beginning! Teodora’s best girl friend and an even worse terror, Daciana Tomescu has caused trouble for just about all the main characters in the series. She’s

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Character Profile: Anton

Even though he’s not based on any historical figure, Anton is one of my mainstay characters. He figures in the first half of Rise of the Storm, disappears for a while, shows up again in the epilogue, then gets a

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Character Profile: Lennart

Quite possibly the most significant character introduced in Valley of the Shadow (he and Natalya can duke it out for the grand prize, and they will!), Lennart Ostberg, King of Estenor, is also one of the most fun to write.

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Character Profile: Natalya

The Cardinal– I mean Natalya Maxima- is one of the more significant secondary characters in Valley of the Shadow. I would not be surprised if she ends up with her own POV by book four or five. In my world,

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Character Profile: Arryk

  On the off-chance that Rise of the Storm’s large cast of characters had you a bit confused, I might as well serve notice that it’s not going to get better. At least not yet. Valley of the Shadow will

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A Cast of Thousands! Well, Dozens . . .

Now that I’m done with the book, I’m busy getting it ready for publication. I’ve decided to add an appendix to add to theĀ  minimize confusion. Maps are still under construction, not by me, thankfully. You will of course be

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Character Profile: Janna

This character has given me the most trouble, which might be why I’ve saved her for last. Not that she’s the last character I’ll ever profile, but she’s the last of those with a pov from Book one. OMG I

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