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Character Profile: Devyn

Devyn Bernotas, Duke of Terragand, is Kendryk and Gwynneth’s oldest son. Though he doesn’t get his own POV in this series, he becomes an increasingly important character, even as a young teacher. Based on Prince RupertĀ of the Rhine, Devyn has

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Character Profile: Edric

Edric Landrus has been a feature of this series since the beginning. Though he never got his own point of view- something I occasionally regret- he’s always been a key figure and one of the instigators of all the trouble.

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Character Profile: Brynhild

I’m always a little intimidated when fictionalizing larger-than-life historical figures like Cardinal Richelieu, Gustav Adolf, or Wallenstein. Often, they’ve already been fictionalized quite a bit, so people have pretty specific ideas about them going in. The only fictional portrayal I’ve

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Character Profile: Anton

Even though he’s not based on any historical figure, Anton is one of my mainstay characters. He figures in the first half of Rise of the Storm, disappears for a while, shows up again in the epilogue, then gets a

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Character Profile: Gauvain

The scope of Valley of the Shadow is going to increase pretty dramatically, and as I’ve already mentioned, so will the cast of characters. Quite a few people who only received passing mentions in Rise of the Storm will now

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