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Character Profile: Maryna

Maryna Bernotas, Princess of Terragand, is the somewhat unlikely fictional counterpart to the grumpy Karl Ludwig. As the oldest child of Kendryk and Gwynneth, she fills the role of the heir to the disputed kingdom. She’s just a little girl

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Character Profile: Elektra

Unsurprisingly, Teodora is not a very hands-on mother. For the most part, that’s a good thing; her charming personality hasn’t really rubbed off on her children. Still, having Teodora as your mommy dearest is bound to leave its mark, and

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Character Profile:Trystan

Trystan Martinek, the young Duke of Podoska, makes a brief appearance in Valley of the Shadow, but he begins to hit his stride in Hammer of the Gods. The youngest of the eleven children of Princess Edyta of Podoska, Trystan

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Character Profile: Brynhild

I’m always a little intimidated when fictionalizing larger-than-life historical figures like Cardinal Richelieu, Gustav Adolf, or Wallenstein. Often, they’ve already been fictionalized quite a bit, so people have pretty specific ideas about them going in. The only fictional portrayal I’ve

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Character Profile: Anton

Even though he’s not based on any historical figure, Anton is one of my mainstay characters. He figures in the first half of Rise of the Storm, disappears for a while, shows up again in the epilogue, then gets a

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Character Profile: Lennart

Quite possibly the most significant character introduced in Valley of the Shadow (he and Natalya can duke it out for the grand prize, and they will!), Lennart Ostberg, King of Estenor, is also one of the most fun to write.

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Valley of the Shadow Now Available in Print!

After a few challenges and delays, it’s finally here. You can get Valley of the Shadow in print now, all 550 pages of it! Click here. to buy. by

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Valley of the Shadow Reviewed by Literary Braun

Amy Braun posted a marvelously detailed review of Valley of the Shadow on her blog. Ever since I reviewed Rise of the Storm by fellow Weekend Writing Warriors author Christina Ochs, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the sequel. I’m not really sure what I

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Get Valley of the Shadow for 99 Cents- 3 Days Only

Valley of the Shadow is here! If you’re dying to find out what happens next for Kendryk and the gang, now’s your chance. Both books will be 99 cents for the next three days, so be sure to grab your

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Blurb for Valley of the Shadow!

I always have trouble with these, and the person who wrote the Rise of the Storm blurb is no longer available. Fortunately, the fabulous Libbie Hawker, bestselling historical novelist and author of the writing classic “Take Off Your Pants” appeared in

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