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I have a job! And other good news

It’s been an eventful week! On Tuesday morning, I taught my final trial lesson. It went better than the others, with only five children, all of them well-behaved. I got my feedback (talk with your hands more!) and a job

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Things are looking up!

It’s been a busy week, but mostly a good one. We spent much of Sunday marathoning Game of Thrones, since we were a season behind. That was a welcome escape from real life! I also realized I hardly kill any

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Update: Safely Arrived in Oregon!

I didn’t write an update last week because it was all too depressing. Our truck was repossessed (in somewhat shady fashion, though we’ll let a lawyer handle that) and we had to quickly put all of our stuff in the

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Guest Post: Cindy Ochs Borror

My darling sister offered to guest post! The Rolling Writer’s sister here! My name is Cindy and I am 10 years Christina’s junior. I do not possess the writing prowess of my sister but she is my claim to fame!

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The saga continues …

When I was a teenager, I begged God to give me an interesting life. I certainly got one, but I should have been more specific. I was picturing something like an astronaut or opera singer. 🙂 It’s been an interesting

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Why I’m Taking a Short Break from Writing

I was hoping against hope I could get Book Six: Blood of the Empire drafted by the end of July. But life has been going sideways for the past month, and things just got worse! I feel like a character

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Bighorn Sheep are real!

After a life-time of looking for these elusive creatures, I finally saw some in the flesh, or the wool, as it were. I grew up near the Lava Beds National Monument and when I was a kid, there was a bighorn

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The Sinus Saga Nears Its End

No Weekend Writing Warriors entry this week. Depending on how I feel tomorrow, I’ll make some rounds, but judging by the way things have been going, it seems unlikely. The last week has been more challenging than expected. I went

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Merry Christmas!


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Liebster Award: Acceptance and Nominations

It seems I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award by the awesome Kate M. Colby. This is a great way to get to know some of your fellow bloggers a bit better and give some attention to ones you particularly enjoy.

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