Weekend Writing Warriors: Snippet 145- Braeden

It’s time for Weekend Writing Warriors! Every Sunday, a bunch of writers post 8-10-sentence snippets from their WIPs on their blogs. There’s a lot of reading, commenting and great writing. Click on the link to see the full list.

At the beginning of Blood of the Empire, Braeden and Devyn are headed to Norovaea to see if they can convince King Arryk to lend some military support to their cause. Since Arryk’s last attempt to help ended in defeat, it doesn’t seem very likely. Braeden is also concerned because he was part of the army that defeated Arryk. He and Devyn have just arrived at a private audience with the king. Edited to fit.

“How you’ve grown,” the king said, taking Devyn by the arm, then tousling his hair. He offered Braeden an unexpectedly informal smile, “I’m so glad you’ve come.”

Once they were seated, Arryk turned to Braeden. “Thank you for bringing my nephew; I suppose he’s told you I know all about you.”

“He has.” Braeden felt his cheeks reddening, though Arryk looked friendly enough.

“Even though you once fought for Teodora, you have been a wonderful friend to my family. I plan to reward you for that.”

Braeden was so surprised, he couldn’t think of what to say. He finally managed, “That’s very kind, Your Highness.”


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17 comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Snippet 145- Braeden
  1. Author Jessica E. Subject says:

    Great snippet! I wonder if the king will remain true to his word, or make him pay for the past.

  2. Fallon says:

    Ohh…glad Arryk seems to be friendly to him. Will that last, though? 🙂

  3. Jenna Jaxon says:

    Why do I feel a trap about to spring? Great snippet!

  4. I feel the same way as Jenna, as if something is about to happen…

  5. Jess Schira says:

    I like the warmth of the greeting and also sense some fantastic foreshadowing. Well done, Christina!

  6. nancygideon says:

    A good deed rewarded . . . or punished? Which will it be? Can’t wait to find out!

  7. Uh oh, beware the gifts of kings maybe! I’m always in total AWE of the many characters you juggle so skillfully. Great snippet.

  8. chrisgrover says:

    Interesting snippet, but I, too, feel some foreshadowing here.

  9. A complex set of relationships and intriguing beginning.

  10. Braeden, my looooove!!!!

  11. Why do I sense this isn’t going to be a good surprise….

  12. Hywela Lyn says:

    Hmm. This all sounds very positive on the face of it, but like others I’m wondering if this is going to last. Great snippet, Christina!

  13. Ed Hoornaert says:

    If I were Braedon, I’d be a might suspicious of any reward from a king he’d fought against.

  14. Karen Michelle Nutt says:

    Will the king remain true? I’m curious to find out. Enjoyed the snippet.

  15. I wonder if the king is stringing him along and has bad feelings because of the past.

  16. aldreaalien says:

    Great snippet! Do I smell a trap? Or am I just being paranoid? Hmm…

  17. Diane Burton says:

    Though friendly enough, the king mentions his former allegiance to Teodora. Like everyone else, I’ curious what the king will do about that.

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