Update: Safely Arrived in Oregon!

I didn’t write an update last week because it was all too depressing. Our truck was repossessed (in somewhat shady fashion, though we’ll let a lawyer handle that) and we had to quickly put all of our stuff in the trailer and move into a motel. We spent the next several days desperately looking for a place to live, which we’d already been doing pretty desperately, but with no luck. So when our last best prospect for a home fell through, we took my brother up on his kind offer of a place to stay and left for Eugene. After seeing all of the lower 48, I’ve always maintained that Oregon is still the best state, so it probably makes sense for me to be here. 🙂

We left Idaho Falls yesterday afternoon and just drove straight through, taking only a couple short breaks for naps in rest areas. All of our worldly goods fit easily into a small uhaul and we towed the car behind it. That setup was not so much fun to drive, so I left most of it to Ben, the professional. The kitties were less than thrilled with the cramped, weird situation, and we had one escape in a rest area in the middle of the night. Fortunately, he loves rolling in the dirt, so I was able to nab him before he got very far.

We arrived in Eugene about 10 this morning and moved into my brother’s spare room immediately. They were hosting a big party in the afternoon, but we pretty much slept through it. We can’t unload into our storage space until Monday, so we’re looking forward to a quiet day tomorrow before we throw ourselves back into the fray.

Right before getting kicked out of the truck I had a super-stressful interview for an English-teaching job, though I passed. The problem was, I didn’t have reliable enough internet connection to move on to the next phase. I have to teach three probationary classes before I get the job, so I’m hoping to get that sorted out in the next few days.

Anyway, at least we have some breathing room now, and time to look for our own place, but with local support and connections. It’s nice to be close to loved ones after all this!

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4 comments on “Update: Safely Arrived in Oregon!
  1. So glad that you have reached family. Good luck with the teaching job.

  2. Ed Hoornaert says:

    Good luck in your new situation. I’ve mentioned your problems to my wife, and now she’s concerned for you, too.

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