Character Profile: Devyn

Devyn Bernotas, Duke of Terragand, is Kendryk and Gwynneth’s oldest son. Though he doesn’t get his own POV in this series, he becomes an increasingly important character, even as a young teacher. Based on Prince Rupert of the Rhine, Devyn has been an extremely enjoyable character to write- a strong personality who doesn’t shy away from difficult situations.

In spite of his privileged start, Devyn’s life hasn’t been easy. Only five years old when his father first challenges the Empress Teodora, he survives a siege with his mother and siblings, then spends a few years following his uncle, King Arryk of Norovaea on his ultimately unsuccessful campaign against Teodora. He and his older sister Maryna become good friends with Anton, and he’s instrumental in helping them escape on the eve of Arryk’s big battle with Mattila, since their mother is away on a diplomatic mission.

After spending some time in the unwilling care of General Emilya Hohenwart, Devyn and his siblings are retrieved by their mother, who takes them to Allaux, the capital of Galladium. They remain there for some time, finally reunited with their father, but left behind again when he returns to the war for their homeland. An aggressive kid with great military instincts, being left behind is awful for Devyn. He consoles himself by practicing swords with his little sister Stella, and happily joining his mother on her next adventure.

At one point (too many spoilers for Winter of the Wolf to get specific here), Devyn takes on the role of ruler of Terragand. He’s only thirteen and doesn’t want the job, though he does his duty as long as he has to.

Gwynneth struggles to keep her son out of the military action he craves, and doesn’t always succeed. With Braeden keeping an eye on him, Devyn gets some real battle experience early in Fall of the Titan. Besides Anton, Devyn has another good friend, Trisa Torresia, after being forced to buddy up with her on one of Braeden’s missions. Tall and good-looking, Devyn can be arrogant and condescending, though he’s also willing to change his mind about people. He won’t grow up completely in this series, but will become his sister Maryna’s right-hand man, as well as a political and military player in his own right. I have big plans for him!

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