Weekend Writing Warriors: Snippet 78- Anton

weekend writing warriorsIt’s time for Weekend Writing Warriors! Every Sunday, a bunch of writers post 8-10-sentence snippets from their WIPs on their blogs. There’s a lot of reading, commenting and great writing. Click on the link to see the full list.

It’s nice to be back! I’ve been sick for well over a week now and the doctor told me I can expect this nasty bug to last two weeks. Not good, especially because it started about two days before my book was ready to go to beta readers. So long, May 15 release date!. But I’m optimistically expecting my brain to work a little bit better each day, so I signed up for WeWriWa in spite of not being up to snuff. I apologize in advance for any incoherent comments.

A lot has changed for Anton since we last checked in with him. After King Arryk’s big victory, Count Orland has been traveling all over the place, raising more troops and taking Edric Maximus (the former Father Landrus) all over Terragand, so the new religion can be spread everywhere.

Through all of it, Anton rode right behind the count on his own horse. Skandar was a shaggy gray Norovaean stallion, a gift from King Arryk himself. He was a reward for Anton bringing the king a horse and pistols at the right moment. The count reckoned he’d saved the king’s life.

“There’s nothing for it,” Count Orland had said. “That stupid girl got herself killed, and the king himself rewarded you. Common as you are, you’ll be my page now.”

Lotta had been too scared to follow Anton during the battle and a cannonball hit her right where she stood. Anton was glad he hadn’t seen it. The count refused the offers of half a dozen nobles who wanted him to take on their own children, preferring Anton over all of those little lords and ladies.

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51 comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Snippet 78- Anton
  1. Ed Hoornaert says:

    Glad you’re up to snuff (or maybe that’s ‘sniffling’) enough for WeWriWa. Take care of yourself!

  2. Author Jessica E. Subject says:

    Hopefully this bug will disappear for you sooner than later.

    Hmm, I wonder what plans Orland has for Anton.

  3. Kim Magennis says:

    Glad you are recovering, Christina. Here is to Health!

    Count Orland is callous enough to be dangerous for Anton. Hope the boy keeps his sharp wits about him.

  4. T. M. Hunter says:

    Being sick is never fun…hope you feel better soon. Snippet was interesting, and hope this page business doesn’t last too long. Not a lot of trust in me for the Count.

  5. Intriguing snippet, Christina, and I hope you get feeling better!

  6. Hope you feel better soon. The Count might as well choose the best for his page!

  7. I hope you feel better soon, we missed you last week! Great snippet (of course), and I love how direct Orland is. Not a BS’er, that one.

  8. Alexis Duran says:

    Not sure if being stuck with Orland is a reward or not, but Anton will make the best of it. Super excited to see that May 15 release date- hope you get better fast!

  9. Peter Vialls says:

    Give the bug hell, and get better soon. As to Anton, I hope he knows what he’s getting into – the Count doesn’t strike me as the type to take particular care of his minions.

  10. I hope you feel better soon. Glad the Count overlooked the fact that he is common, and made him his page in spite of that. Sounds a charming employer!

  11. Good heavens! Taken out by a cannon ball. Yikes. But, he got a nice horse as reward for helping the king. Life is complicated sometimes.

    I hope you beat the bug soon! It’s so hard to write or even function when you get slapped down by those nasty germs.

    • Christina says:

      At least it’s a fast way to go. 🙂 Thanks! I’m getting so frustrated since I can’t write, or even read for more than a few minutes at a time. Just a few more days, I’m sure.

  12. Be well, my friend and Ride ’em Anton. Go for broke.

  13. Sure hope you shake that bug soon. I hate being sick, and I sympathize completely. Hugs to you!

    I’m almost halfway through Valley of the Shadow – wonderful story! I like Orland, he’s got some depth to him. I think he’s turning into one of my favorites.


  14. Feel better! Great snippet. Orland sounds like a great character, although I feel a bit for Anton. Orland’s invitation to him to be his squire wasn’t the nicest;).

  15. Botanist says:

    I’m not sure I trust this Orland character – nobles often aren’t as noble as they make out to be. Hope you get over your bug soon!

  16. danijace says:

    Hope you’re on the mend quickly! Hmmm, not sure Anton is in a good place or not…

  17. Anton’s horse sounds beautiful. Wondering what future being the page will hold. Hope you feel better, there is a nasty bug going around my workplace as well. <3

  18. Feel better soon!

    I feel sorry for poor Lotta, who was scared–that’s not stupid, really. And being struck down can happen to even the brave…

  19. elainecsc2013 says:

    The count’s a bit snobby, but I imagine someone in his position would be. I hope you feel better soon.

  20. Jenna Jaxon says:

    Hope you feel better soon! So sorry Lotta didn’t survive, but, survival of the fittest is the law of nature. Glad Anton survived and now has a position!

  21. Daryl Devore says:

    Feel better soon. Sorry about your May 15 deadline – maybe with a little luck – the writing Gods will smile on you.

    Wonder what you have planned for Anton next.


  22. Wonder what the Count has in mind for Anton?


  23. historysleuth1 says:

    I have a clear imagine in my mind from that excerpt of the world you created. I so admire fantasy writers for being able to do the detail it takes to do that. Great excerpt!

  24. bonniegill says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better.
    Great snippet. I loved how a canon ball killed her 🙂

  25. calensariel says:

    I was so sorry to hear you guys were sick. I think you can expect it to hold on a bit longer than two weeks! I still haven’t gotten my copy of the book yet. Have you sent it? Been watching for it.

    • Christina says:

      No, sorry- I haven’t sent it. I have about a days worth of fixes to make on the book and got sick right before I could make them. I’m finally working on it again, so should be able to order it in the next few days. I’ll let you know when I do!

  26. Glad you’re feeling better! The Count seems like a jerk, but I feel that he chose his page for a reason. Looking forward to finding out more.

  27. Ha! I’d prefer Anton over the little Lords and Ladies, too. 🙂

    I hope you kick this bug fast!

  28. Daniela Ark says:

    Hello Cabin mate! just stopped by to say hello but now I think I want to join this WIP feature! 🙂
    23 minutes until writing begins! Good luck with camp NaNoWriMo!

  29. chellecordero says:

    That stupid girl got herself killed! How callous.

    Hope you are feeling better.

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