My Interview at Impromptu Promptlings!

A lovely interview by Calen, blogging buddy, brunch companion, beta reader and steadfast cheerleader! I talk all about the joys and challenges of writing in the truck and my inspiration for my books.

The perfect person I had in mind is Christina Ochs of The Rolling Writer! Christina was the very first blogger I met on opening up shop at Impromptu Promptlings in October 2014. In fact, within a month of bumping into her we were sitting in Village Inn in Woods Cross, Utah having a three-hour brunch while her hubby had a much-needed nap out in their truck. Their BIG truck! As in 18-wheeler! Which just so happens to be where Christina calls home and does her writing.

20160313_183803When I met Christina she was just getting ready to have the first book in her The Desolate Empire fantasy series (a fictional story based on Europe’s Thirty Years’ War) proofed for publication. I was tickled pink to be asked to be one of her beta readers for Rise of the Storm and subsequently for Valley of the Shadow. Now the war continues with Hammer of the Gods which will go to publication in mid-to-late May. That being the way of things, I figure this is the perfect time to post our little interview!

Christina hails from Oregon, but her home is on wheels, which speaks directly to Janet’s question about writing space…

Read the rest here, and follow her blog- it’s brilliant!

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  1. calensariel says:

    I’m so thrilled your little interview got lots of notice!

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