Character Profile: Gauvain

The scope of Valley of the Shadow is going to increase pretty dramatically, and as I’ve already mentioned, so will the cast of characters. Quite a few people who only received passing mentions in Rise of the Storm will now come to life. One of several countries coming into play is Galladium, my fake version of France and an increasingly influential player in the conflict.


Gauvain Brevard is the young king of Galladium, and is still busy consolidating his rule. Just a few years older than Kendryk, they’ve been close friends since Kendryk spent several years in Galladium as a child.  Naturally, he’s pretty upset at Kendryk’s fate, but for a variety of reasons, isn’t in a good position to oppose Teodora directly, at least not just yet.

Currently betrothed to a foreign princess he’s never met, Gauvain is in a good position to make some big diplomatic waves, if he plays his cards right. Deceptively mild-mannered, he’s actually pretty strong-willed with a good grasp of what he needs to do to succeed. It’s too bad some of his pragmatism didn’t rub off on Kendryk.

His closest adviser and confidante is Galladium’s religious leader, Natalya Maxima, who you will get to meet in a few weeks. Between the two of them, they have a plan for the country, for the rest of the continent, and for Teodora. I can’t wait for them to get to work!

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2 comments on “Character Profile: Gauvain
  1. Natalie K. says:

    Yay! I’m happy there is a Natalya. I hope she’s a good character–i.e. interesting and not evil (or at least not too evil, haha!).

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