Weekend Writing Warriors: Snippet 1- Braeden

wewriwaI’m joining a new thing. It’s a sort of blog hop in which writers post 8-sentence snippets of their current work called Weekend Writing Warriors. Today’s snippet will even feature actual warriors!

From the prologue of my as-yet untitled book, a fantastical version of the Thirty Years War, the beginning of the final battle::

The Imperial center moved forward, the black and red Inferrara standards fluttering  in front of  the endless ranks of shining pike and helm. A muffled thump came from the guns on the hill straight ahead, but all the shells landed well  to Braeden’s right.

The Sanova Hussars were ready, the rising breeze rustling through their black wings and the black banners fluttering from their lances.

“Forward!” Braeden shouted, spurring his charger into a gallop.

The pikes ahead swung into formation, and Braeden waited for musket fire. The wings rushing in his ears made it hard to hear anything else. He looked straight ahead and saw a young musketeer, eyes wide, raise his weapon as a puff of smoke came from it.

His lance slid into forward position as his horse crashed into a bristling hedge of pike.

You can read the rest of the prologue here, and future snippets here.

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9 comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Snippet 1- Braeden
  1. evelynjules says:

    Well, first let me welcome you to the WWW! So happy that you’re joining us, especially when you share writing of this caliber! Wonderful imagery and description in this excerpt. One thing that jumped out at me is the ‘puff of smoke’ repetition. Is there another way you can word it the second time? Otherwise this is fantastic!! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the welcome and the comments. I can’t believe I missed the puffs of smoke, after reading this a thousand times. That’s why it’s so helpful to let others see it. Thanks again!

  2. Meka James says:

    Welcome to WWW! I just joined in on the fun not long ago and am having a blast so far. 🙂

    Enjoyed your 8. It was very descriptive. You really captured the scene well. I could never do period pieces, I feel like I’d bork it up big time so kudos! Can’t wait to see your next 8.

  3. I hope his horse is armored!

  4. Welcome to the Warriors! A vivid battle scene indeed. I could “see” it from the description you gave…terrific snippet!

  5. Welcome to 8Sunday! Great scene with vivid description.

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